About us

Oaks Caravan Sales is your reliable partner for everything concerning your caravan. Our main priorities are your requirements, and we always keep your needs and concerns in mind.


We're happy to offer advice on all issues and to make time for you. Our experience combined with the latest developments in technology means that we can provide you with outstanding service, suited to your budget.


Our many years of experience and specialist staff provide proof that quality and cooperation go hand in hand!



How we started....


Over 10 years ago as a family we started up the now very well-known
and award winning caravan park www.oakscaravanpark.co.uk 2 years into it and a lot of hard work later we began selling a caravan here and there,

we soon discovered that trying to get someone reliable and efficient to come and service them to make sure they were safe and sound was a complete nightmare, we had shoddy services carried out, engineers that didn’t turn up and the list goes on. We took the decision
to start up our own repair and service centre that gave good customer service,
where all staff are fully trained and certificated and services were carried
out thoroughly and professionally. We started as a mobile service but soon grew
to needing a workshop, a true testament to show that we were getting it right
for our customers!

So that’s how we started and still today our commitment is
to customer service, good value and a professional attitude at all times, we
keep up with the latest technology, we continue to train and seek out any new
knowledge in our field, and we strive to achieve perfection in all areas of our


We are a 'GREEN' Company.....


All of our energy we use for our workshop and office comes from our own solor system we have, our water is direct from a bore hole and passes through a full filtration system with no added chemicals making it the ideal water for our valeting bay. We are proud to say that we are one of, if not the only service centre with a very very low carbon footprint! We hope other service/repair companies follow our lead.

Meet our team

Lee Brown - Caravan & Motorhome Engineer


Lee has a wealth of knowledge and boasts a range of quilifications including: A.C.O.P.s, BPW, AL-KO, WHALE, City & Guilds, ELV & LV Certificated, TRUMA Approved & Trained, there is no job he cannot do, and you can be assured that your caravan/motorhome is in safe hands.



Charles Clare - Trailer Engineer / Salvage Engineer


Certificated by NTTA and experianced with salvage part refurbishment, Chares takes care of Trailer servicing along with refurbishing appliances from damaged and salvage caravans, he can help you source origanal parts for older caravans that may no longer be available.



Petra - Office / Accounts


Petra can deal with any account issues, and takes care of the day to day running of the office. 



Ian Sargeant - Bodywork / Panel Repairs.


Ian can repair and spray most bodywork damage, from cracked ABS panels through to dented side panels, Ian has all the specialist equipment needed for hot plastic welding and has a wealth of experience in carrying out this work, saving you money by repairing the panel rather than replacing it.



Contact us here:


Oaks Caravan Sales

Foxburrow Farm

Waldringfield Road




IP10 0BJ

E-mail: caravanrepairs@googlemail.com

Tel: 01394 448609

Call for further directions or see our find us page.

Opening hours

Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm

Sat: 10am - 2pm

Sun: Closed


We are now BPW Approved


Truma Diagnostic Testing Available 

We are fully Truma trained and hold all the latest Truma Diagnostic Software so that we can diagnose any fault on your Truma water heater, space heater or motormover.




Certificates Held By Staff

Truma Pruducts

Combustion / Flue Analysis

BPW Certificated

MCEA Foundation Certificate

Whale Certificated

ALDE Certificated

ACOPS Gas Certificated

Level 2 CITO Electrical

City & Guilds Practical Exam

City & Guilds Theory

NTTA Trailer Servicing & Maintenace