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Damp Repairs

One of the most serious and upsetting problems with a caravan or motorhome is water ingress. It often creeps in quietly through sealant failure, window rubber failure, panel cracks, accident damage, or poor fitting of rooflights and accessories. It will generally get in, unseen to the naked eye as it runs between the boards of the wall, soaking into the untreated wood until the damage is all too obvious.

What if I suspect I have damp?

Don't panic, as a full damp check is included in our service schedule. This involves the use of a damp meter, which gives a percentage of moisture readings for each area of the caravan/motorhome. A small amount of moisture is naturally present in the wooden timbers used in a caravan, so average readings are normal and of no concern, and changes in atmospheric conditions can affect the readings. However higher readings, above 18% can be a cause for concern, but if detected early enough, only a small repair will be needed and damage can be easily rectified without the need for major repair and large bill. Removal of the corner moulding, drying with heat and dehumidifiers, and resealing may be all that’s necessary to disperse the moisture and ensure no further water ingress.

Should the problem have gone undetected for a long length of time, and damp readings are above 30% then the interior wallboard may be soft, swollen or even pimply, this then becomes more serious and swift action needs to be taken before more water damage happens. The repair becomes a lot more involved with things like bed boxes, lockers and heaters having to be removed to get to the affected area, wallboard has to be removed and wet timbers replaced, mouldings may have to be removed and resealed as may windows or exterior locker doors, then it has to all go back together.

Here at Oaks Caravans we are able to undertake all types of damp repairs. We have a wealth of experience, from minor reseals too major rebuilds. All work is completed to your satisfaction and comes with a full 12 month warranty.

If you suspect you may have water ingress, call in and let us carry out a basic check for you totally free of charge!

You can call us for more information or to ask us any questions you may have on 01394 448609.

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